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the education of art with Ju Jilla


To inspire, provoke thought, evoke emotion and create youthful connections between youth and the world around them. 


To create a world where creativity, expression and imagination are valued and celebrated. Seeking to foster empowerment within being self.


To allow youth the opportunity to self-express, communicate through colors, reflect on life and heal spiritually with aestheic enjoyment.

visual art with ju jilla


Over four weeks, Ju Jilla will provide youth with a well-rounded education that promotes creativity, cultural awareness and emotional well being.


Introducing youth to art can help them with exploring career options, develop professional skills, gain exposure to diverse perspectives and foster innovation.


Youth will have the opportunity to share their perspective of what other student artwork means to them. This allow them to understand that art is universal.

meet the artist +leader Ju Jilla

As the up and coming artist of the year, I have garnered over a million streams with my music, exciting audiences worldwide. In addition to my music and art talents, I have launched a clothing line by the name of Too Wise. Designed to showcase my unique blend of creativity, art and style. With a meticulous eye for detail and a keen fashion sense, I bring a unique blend of creativity and precision to everything I do. My stage presence is captivating, drawing audiences in with my passion for art and dedication to my craft. Brave, patient, disciplined, I constantly push the boundaries of my artistic expression, always striving for excellence to deliver well in the communities I serve. 

Serving as an expert in multiple forms of art, from the intricate brushstrokes of painting to the precision and agility of basketball + boxing. The digital art world of gaming is where I showcase my strategic and creative abilities. I am dedicated to sharing my gifts and passions with youth, inspiring and empowering them to explore their own creativity and potential. 

focus by the week

Blind Contour Drawing

  • Hand-eye coordination 

  • Focusing on the subject

  • Identifying the importance of detail

  • Slow + deliberate movements

  • Teaching confidence through tool (no erasing)

  • Individuality 

week 1

*** this focus can change

Birds on Postcards

  • Promoting creativity

  • Communicating the connections

  • Personal Touch

  • Therapeutic benefits

  • Artistic expressions

  • Positive Reflection

week 2

*** this focus can change


Oops Art

  • Encourages artists to embrace

  • Growth

  • Self-expression

  • Promotes a mindset of resilience

  • Allow + promote accidents

  • Freedom

week 3

*** this focus can change

Lines + Scribbles

  • Focus on form and composition

  • Teaches simplicity

  • Skill development

  • Potential for interpretation and imagination

  • Time efficiency

  • Creativity without color

week 4

*** this focus can change

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