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Chef 360 is a food competition show. Chefs skilled in everything from Caribbean, and Soul to Brazilian, Indian, African and French cuisine, all compete on our rotating turntable style cooktops to be named the best rotating chef

Ta'Rhonda is a Master Chef champion. Being raised by her Grandmother, Ta'Rhonda adopted the importance of having to cook for a group of individuals. Growing up in a household of over eight with low-income benefits, Jones had to be creative and magical with her cooking skills so that her family can survive hard. times. Later in life, Ta'Rhonda took that gift and gave back as a butcher and AD of Nutritional Services for a nursing home in Chicago. "We grew up less fortunate but also fortunate. Although there wasn't much... we had a lot of creativity and full bellies." - Ta'Rhonda Jones

Host Ta'Rhonda Jones



During each episode, our competitors will be assigned a dish to cook. What they don't know is that at several moments while preparing their dish an alarm will sound off and a hip hop trivia question will be asked. The competitor who response via their buzzer first will be given the opportunity to answer the trivia question correct.


The competitor who answer the trivia question correct 'dish' will be saved from our turntable swap out. All competitors who have answered the question incorrect and or didn't hit the buzzer in enough time dish will hit our turntable and they will be forced to continue a dish that started preparation by another competitor. 


The chef with the  lowest score, according to taste and presentation will be eliminated.

Its musical chairs meets all your favorite competition cooking shows. Each episode you can see your favorite chef go home or remain at the top of the chain by maintaining the integrity of the dish.

Join us to see who will dance their way to the top of the 360 kitchen.

What is Chef 360?

The only show that caters to the dancing chef that you truly are!

The music and the food are one, they influence and complement each other, they inspire the cook and the musician, and embrace the consumer. Music and food are nourishment for the body, mind, and soul and as such are extremely important parts of a fulfilled life.

The similarities between a cook and a musician are numerous. They both share many common traits; late hours, unusual schedules including working during holidays—or collaborating tightly with a group of people where everyone has a part to play in order to succeed. A performer, as well as a cook, maintains his level by practicing regularly. Before being able to play challenging pieces, the musician has to learn the basics, and so does the cook. After years and years of repetition and practice, the cook develops an understanding of how food reacts and how it should be handled in order to provide good results, and so does the musician. The more they practice, the better they get. Both devote their life to their art, and through sacrifices and practice achieve the mastery of technical skills and knowledge.

 They learn from the masters and the ones before them, and constantly seek to find new sonorities, flavors and perfection of their craft. The musician and the chef would not do much without their tools; a violin, a bow, a knife or apan. The cook rarely sticks to a cuisine, but rather expands his knowledge by learning recipes and foreign food; he takes influences from other cultures to improve his own cooking.


In music, these are called styles; and the classical musician will earn from jazz and popular music. The musician improvises; whether it is the jazz improviser, for whom the music is purposely written for spontaneous self-expression or the rock musician who takes a solo. It is also true of the cook who might improvise a dish with the knowledge and ingredients he has in front of him — by making mistakes he will improve, time after time.

Finally, the cook cooks for his guests and the performer performs for an audience. Whilst music doesn’t exist without an ear to hear it, taste doesn’t exist without a palate to try it

Pierre A. Johnson 

Ta'Rhonda Jones



Joining our Host Ta'Rhonda Jones will be 6 chefs ranging from worst home cooks to Michelin-starred chefs to compete for a chance to win $20,00 in cash and a prize package. On the "Wheels Of Steel '' is "DJ Jazzy Jeff" providing beats and timing for the chefs.

Jazzy Jeff DJ / Co-host

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