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all anyone needs is one yes...

Laugh to Keep From Crying is a show that tackles the struggle life through pranks that seems edgy. Causing guest to feel trapped in their current circumstance to where it causes them to show an emotional reaction of being tired of 'going through'.  We  will perform the supernatural through pranks during difficult and stressful challenges. The idea is to show the unexpected during a sensitive time that causes a temporary breakdown before receiving a faithful favor without a price associated.

Early Walker


Ta’Rhonda Jones is a true representation of a woman with many hats. She stands strong as an activist, actress, director, producer, celebrity master chef champion, fashion designer, host, comedian, intoxicating rapper, song writer and philanthropist. Jones is most known for her breakout role as Porsha, on Fox’s hit television show Empire. Showcasing more than just her acting skills on the show, Ta’Rhonda shocks the world with her forward thinking talents and golden mindset to shift out of the box thinking. Jones is the Founder of Black Village Foundation. A nonprofit  focused on providing financial resources for black entrepreneurs on the southside and westside of Chicago. Jones enjoys spending her off season as a non-profit leader and motivational influencer. Since the beginning of COVID, she’s given away hundreds of thousands of lbs of food, in many communities. Now seeking to deliver the blessing Laugh To Keep From Crying is here to provide.

Host Ta'Rhonda Jones

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